Part I: An Introduction To OSINT Research For Protective Intelligence Professionals

Our two part series is divided into the following segments: Part I, in which we highlight the context in which protective intelligence professionals use open source intelligence (OSINT) and Part II, a brief overview of OSINT collection methods and how they relate to our organizations’ protection strategies.What makes OSINT research so important to protective intelligence professionals is that it’s [...]

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The Role Of Protective Intelligence In Estate Security

Estate security is a critical element for corporate executive protection teams and their supporting protective intelligence programs.  We realize that executives spend the majority of their time at the corporate office, their primary estate, as well as various travel destinations.  Two of those are static locations, and are often desirable targets for would-be attackers or inappropriate pursuers. A [...]

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How Do Protective Intelligence Analysts Support Security Programs?

Before we dive into this topic, we must acknowledge a great article from AIRIP published in October 2016, by Shana Tarbell. She wrote an article that outlined specific responsibilities and initiatives set by her organization’s risk intelligence program. I highly recommend reading her article: “What Does A Risk Intelligence Analyst Do In A Non-Profit Organization?” In today’s article, [...]

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Protective Intelligence And Surveillance Detection

Guest Contributor We are honored to feature an article on the topic of protective intelligence from our guest contributor, Ami Toben – owner of Protection Circle, and the director of consulting, training and special operations for HighCom Security Services. (full bio below) Protective Intelligence And Surveillance Detection Protective Intelligence can be described as the process of [...]

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What Is “Protective Intelligence?” – A Point Of View

What is “Protective intelligence?”To the executive protection analyst plugging away in a 24-hour operations center, protective intelligence is one thing.To the security consultant with an MA or MS in psychology, protective intelligence means something else.And to the US Department of Justice or the US Secret Service, it takes on another meaning.No discussion of protective intelligence could be complete, without [...]

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An Introduction To Machine Learning For Protective Intelligence Professionals

How is machine learning relevant for protective intelligence professionals?Suppose your work computer was capable of taking all of the threatening communications ever sent to your CEO, studying each communication which you had assessed (low/medium/high threat), and then being able to assess future threatening communications with all of the previous communications as a basis for its judgement. Essentially, the computer [...]

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10 Challenges Undermining Your Protective Intelligence Program

Protective intelligence means different things to every organization. A protective intelligence program somewhere out there only consists of a log book of suspicious events, and in other instances, it consists of a sophisticated digital platform that catalogues information, analyzes data-sets for patterns, and spits out immediate reports. Our goal in this article is to provide a broad examination [...]

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