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Leverage a single software platform purpose-built for physical security
to get the most relevant intelligence—faster—for early threat detection.

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Businesses around the world can be safer by serving intelligence to those who protect. That’s why Ontic developed the first Protective Intelligence Platform that enables physical security leaders to take a proactive and collaborative approach to safety, eliminating the risk that arises when critical intelligence lives in siloed data and tools. With our modern SaaS solution, your security team can better identify pre-incident indicators, assess risk and mitigate potential threats—before it’s too late.

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Collect the Dots to Connect the Dots

Ontic’s robust platform aggregates all of your data sources and tools with connected workflows so that your team can more efficiently and effectively manage incidents, research threats, monitor real-time intelligence and conduct assessments—all in a single platform.

Get Real-Time Intelligence

With real-time feeds and alerts from multiple internal and external data sources, your team can stay ahead of threats. Our intuitive workflows and always-on external data integrations facilitate comprehensive intelligence collection and analysis—delivering your team automated, smart and actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Facilitate Smart Collaboration

Our sophisticated approach to intelligence enables your team—no matter how dispersed—to collaborate on and share the critical real-time and historical intelligence needed to mitigate threats.

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