The Ontic Protective
Intelligence Platform


By unifying real-time and historical data related to physical security threats and enabling smart collaboration with connected workflows, your team can get more relevant intelligence—faster—for early threat detection.

The Challenge

A Limited View of Risk with Disconnected Data, Tools and Insights

Many physical security teams today house their intelligence data in spreadsheets and notebooks, limiting their view of emerging threats with critical pre-incident indicators often living in silos within an organization. When you’re in the business of keeping people safe, this lack of a comprehensive view of threats and inability to effectively collaborate could be the difference between a missed signal and a mitigated threat.

The Modern Software Solution

A Comprehensive Platform for a Proactive Approach to Physical Security

Ontic has developed the first dynamic and integrated database that is purpose-built for physical security professionals. Through our Protective Intelligence Platform, your team can efficiently store and manage data while using proprietary workflows and always-on external data integrations to facilitate critical intelligence collection and conduct effective analysis.

Provide decision makers automated, smart and actionable insights

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Integrated Modules and Tools in a Unified Platform

The Ontic Platform is centered around four main modules to solve the challenges of a modern security organization.

Incident & Investigations

Incident & Investigations

Record observations, conduct investigations and manage cases.



Use investigative tools to hydrate information on known and unknown threat actors.



Monitor real-time feeds and alerts from multiple internal and external data sources.



Deploy a structured and standardized approach to threat assessments.

An Open Platform with Seamless Integration

Through APIs, Ontic can ingest and aggregate data through seamless integrations with various physical security software/data providers like open source social media, news aggregators and public records. In addition, Ontic connects to encrypted data from IoT sources compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Explore Ontic

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Built to Scale for the Enterprise

With large and often distributed teams in mind, Ontic ensures that your organization can stay connected and react quickly when a threat presents itself. When your team is stretched thin, Ontic can help you force multiply by automating time consuming tasks and providing you with critical, time-sensitive information—immediately. What’s more, Ontic makes certain that the right people have access to the right information—and the wrong people don't—in a secure, cloud-based platform.

A trusted partner, Ontic can help you measure success and demonstrate a clear return on your technology investment, all while helping your team grow through professional development opportunities within the Ontic network.


Virtual GSOC

Connect and collaborate from anywhere, on any device, so you never miss a critical moment.

Robust Reporting

and Metrics

Get comprehensive reporting that is easily configurable and shareable.



Configure customized rules and if/then workflows for automated alerts and to drive predetermined outcomes.

Privacy and


Configure and manage workspace and user access with appropriate permission capabilities.

Security and


Operate with confidence as Ontic is SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


Intel Services

Get on demand risk insights via proprietary data sources and investigative expertise—all delivered through the Ontic platform at the click of a button.



As a trusted advisor, rely on our Client Success team for easy implementation and onboarding, hands-on training and ongoing support to help you execute your strategy through the Ontic platform.



Gain access to Ontic University for best practices and advanced training and Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Community to connect and benchmark with peers.

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