At Ontic, we recognize that many of you are facing new challenges for your school community on top of what is already a high stress job, so we want to do our part to help in this unprecedented time. 

With the potential rise of social and emotional issues for your students, parents and staff as a result of this crisis coupled with the challenges related to a new, remote school environment, many of you have expressed concerns about how to effectively identify students with pressing mental health needs. What’s more, we recognize the increased risk associated with students dealing with more isolation and oftentimes, an unhealthy home environment that can increase the risk of suicide ideation, self-harm, mental and physical abuse.

Today, we are offering our Behavioral Threat Assessment solution at no cost through September 1, 2020. That means that your mental health staff, counselors and threat assessment team members can quickly get up-and-running to support a remote community in the weeks and months to come and meet the requirements of SB11 by the new school year. 

With Ontic’s Behavioral Threat Assessment solution, your school will have the technology needed to securely digitize proprietary threat assessment forms and workflows as well as centralize and store documents and intelligence to help facilitate a standard and repeatable student behavioral assessment process.

We will also waive the onboarding fee and can get your team up-and-running in a matter of weeks with Ontic doing most of the heavy lifting.  Of note, Ontic is an awarded TASB BuyBoard provider for SaaS Security Assessments.

To learn more about our Threat Assessment solution, we will be hosting a webinar on Assessing Student Health in a Digital (and Now Remote) Age on Wednesday, April 15th at 11:00 AM CST where we will showcase how schools are adapting to a new way of working amidst this health crisis. REQUEST AN INVITE >>

We’re here to help you stay ahead of the daily challenges you face along with the large, complex and unpredictable ones coming your way. By providing you Ontic’s Behavioral Threat Assessment solution, we hope we are able to contribute to the big task at hand.

For more information on our Behavioral Threat Assessment solution, reach out to us today at


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