Ontic for Education


A Proactive Approach to School Safety

Now more than ever, school leaders recognize the need to evolve from implementing reactive solutions and hardening facilities and take a proactive approach to pre-empt acts of violence and self-harm. History reveals that in incidents involving students or others in the school community, early warning signs were present and can now be surfaced through innovative technology by gaining visibility to behaviors of concern before it’s too late.

Digitally manage behavioral wellness

Regardless of the process by which a mental health wellness need is discovered, Ontic helps bring the processes used by counselors and resource teams to a digital medium. By using highly secure technology, schools can digitize proprietary threat assessment forms and workflows as well as centralize and store documents and intelligence to help facilitate a standard, repeatable and collaborative student behavioral assessment process. In doing this, schools can provide a duty of care and ensure the right people have the information they need in order to keep students safe from themselves and others.


Scan social media data

Understanding the context surrounding a threat of violence or self-harm is crucial to understanding how to mitigate risk. With Ontic, you can listen to open source intelligence channels—including social media—to uncover new threats, and monitor existing threats to your school community. Doing this in an integrated platform ensures you are taking a proactive approach to keeping your students, staff and campus safe.

Monitor adult threat actors

Former students, terminated employees, and offenders who have demonstrated threatening behavior towards the school can become increasingly problematic to the school’s safety and security. Ontic enables security teams to store, assess and report on potential threats to your campus and students.




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