In the world of executive protection, secure transportation is a fundamental need and is a crucial element to keeping people safe across corporations, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and military organizations. To be the best at providing secure transportation, one must understand the vehicles, dynamic driving techniques, as well as threatening situations from behind the wheel.

In this episode, Fred and Tony discuss the science of protective driving, secure driving training, security vehicles, the future of automotive protective technology and break down real-life vehicle-centric violence situations.

For more than 45 years, Tony Scotti has been at the forefront of vehicle dynamics and security operations. He is the founder of the International Association of Security Drivers, the only organization in the world dedicated to supporting practitioners’ advancement with data-driven research and other professional development tools. Tony is also the editor of The Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Magazine.

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By every metric, the role of protective intelligence is growing increasingly important for your security program. The Center for Protective Intelligence is Ontic's approach for sharing our expertise through content and community building in order to support the mission of physical security professionals of keeping people safe.

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